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That is a FREE Insurance Claim Guide

Your " Motor Vehicle " can be a truck, car, motorcycle - - where ever you look! If it's powered by a motor and it has one, two, three, four (or even more) wheels this "Guide" is good for you.

The data below is often a bare-bones "Guide" in case you have had this sort of motor vehicle accident. It details an overview of methods one should with their house damage and/or personal injury claim.


We heartily suggest you're making a duplicate of this "Impact Checklist" to stay handy inside your motor vehicle. A "Guide" to refer to so you're going to be certain, should a major accident come about, which you have covered everything.

Aside from the fact you must obtain on the other operator, both their drivers license and motor vehicle registration information, it's also sensible to go on to do the examples below:
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IMMEDIATELY MAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF: Names and addresses of eye witnesses. And then the investigating police name and badge number. WEATHER CONDITIONS: Snow, rain, fog, mist, sleet, etc. ROAD SURFACE: Dry, wet, slippery, icy, etc.IMPACT AREA: City, suburban, business, wooded, etc. VISIBILITY: Sunny, cloudy, dusk, night, moonlight, etc. (Was the sunlight from the other driver's face)? TRAFFIC CONTROLS: Were there overhead lights? Posted speed limit signs? Stop or indicators? Hospital or school zone signs? CREATE A DIAGRAM: Driving area: Flat, crowned, straight, curved, macadam, asphalt, concrete, cobblestone, dirt, etc. Indicate the width of street. Show the placement of impact, gouge and/or skid marks. CONDITION OF MOTOR VEHICLE THAT STRUCK YOU: Age and general overall condition. Could be state inspection sticker displayed and updated? Were chains or snow tires needed? AS SOON AS POSSIBLE RETURN TO THE SCENE AND SNAP PHOTOGRAPHS: It's most significant to take pictures of: Skid or gouge mark's on the streets surface in addition to the injury to both vehicles. PHOTOS OF YOUR BODILY INJURIES: It's essential to the greatest worth of your claim they snap several different colored photos (up close and from different angles) of the bodily injuries - - especially all black and blue marks or bruises.

INSIGHTS INTO HANDLING YOUR CLAIM (There Are Six Areas You Must Be Familiar With) 1. Out-Of-Pocket Expenses 2. Lost Time From Work - Lost Wages 3. Property Damage Losses 4. What Your Medical Doctor And/Or Chiropractor Reports Should State 5. Medical Payments Coverage 6. What To Do If An Adjuster Refuses To Cooperate

You Should Go Into Detail Regarding These (Below Listed) Six Areas:

(1) OUT-OF-POCKET EXPENSES:They are expenses that may be measured in definite sums of money. They are the basis of the calculations familiar with award damages (including that oftentimes great and further amount paid for your requirements to your "Pain and Suffering") regarding any financial loss flowing straight from the injury you will have sustained.

MEDICAL EXPENSES: Obtain all bills and services rendered. (Prior with their being transmitted, you have ever right to ask about for and browse the most important Final Reports with regards to your fitness from your Doctor, Chiropractor, "Medical Specialist" and/or Dentist).Medical Expenses Typically Include: Ambulance ~ Emergency Room ~ Hospital or Clinic ~ Laboratory Fees and Services ~ Diagnostic Tests: (X-rays and/or CT Scan) ~ Registered or Practical Nurse Fees ~ Medicine and/or Prescription Medications ~ Prosthetic Appliances or Surgical Apparatus (Canes & crutch, etc.) ~ Physical Therapy ~ Ace Bandages, Gauze & Tape ~ Heating Pads ~ Creams, Ointments, Balms & Salves. Because you read them make certain these Medical Reports include how long of the "Total Disability" and/or your "Partial Disability ".They are of enormous value as they justify the often HUGE, extra payment designed for your "Pain and Suffering".(Plus post also prove your claim for Lost Wages).

NON-MEDICAL DAMAGE EXPENSES. For instance ,: Lost Wages and Earnings ~ Lost Vacation Time and/or Sick Leave ~ Travel Expenses: (Transportation costs incurred getting both to and from The Doctor and/or Hospital, etc.) ~ Household Help During Disability ~ Child Care During Recuperation.

(2) LOST TIME FROM WORK - - LOST WAGES - - YOUR "LOSS EARNING CAPACITY": The weeks, hours and/or days you could not work (thus the funds you will have lost) is added up and documented on company letterhead. You're often permitted compensation for "Lost Some time to Earnings" despite the fact that have no actual loss of clinking coins ! For example, for example, but if your wages are paid by several other insurance coverage you will have or if you take sick leave or some other similar arrangement. No matter whether you're employed daily, not professional, self-employed, own your own business, retired, unemployed, or possibly a housewife not employed outside the home, you ought to keep a written record coming from all household help and/or daycare needed while having disability period.

All these constitute an element of your "SPECIAL DAMAGES" mainly "Lost Wages ". Insurance companies usually don't view your time and energy from work (because of an injury) as "Lost Time And Earnings" but as "Lost Earning Capacity ".In many states an example may be permitted compensation for lost efforts and earnings even when they have no decrease in money. One example is, if your wages are bought by another insurance coverage you've got or if you take sick leave and/or several other similar style of arrangement. There are specific situations that need considering and called to your forefront on the subject of being used either full-time or part-time. More detailed information (regarding these above stated area's of the loss) are present in CHAPTER FOUR "Damages" within the publication AUTO ACCIDENT PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE CLAIM.

(3) PROPERTY DAMAGE LOSSES: "AGREED COST TO REPAIR": This figure may be negotiated in between your damage repair person as well as the insurance adjuster. Make sure to know (and possess a written copy of) what precisely that figure is.COLLISION: There's commonly a deductible. Read your policy. (If you're at fault you should eventually get these funds back).PROPERTY DAMAGE LIABILITY: Protects you for damages one does to the house of one other (i.e. their trees, lawn, shrubs, mailbox, etc.) EXCLUSIONS: They are produced in your policy. A superb guideline is, "If it's not excluded, it's covered ".Read your policy closely to find your exclusions and the way they apply. TOTAL LOSS: A "Total Loss" happens when the motor vehicle damage exceeds the need for the vehicle , as mentioned within all of the up-to-date and "Official" Property Damage books and/or documents. OTHER PROPERTY DAMAGE LOSSES: Clothing, jewelry, watches, eye or sunglasses, etc. It's also possible to collect to your (or some other individuals) personal property which happened to stay in the automobile and was damaged. (Be certain to showed proof the cost of the items damaged in addition to the date it had become purchased). Forever keep in mind: You're permitted be reimbursed for virtually any charges you will have incurred for towing, storage and/or substitute motor vehicle rental, or even - - some other alternate transportation.

The aforementioned is a really brief review. For further in-depth information read CHAPTER FIVE: PROPERTY DAMAGE present in AUTO ACCIDENT PERSONAL INJURY INSURANCE CLAIM.

(4) WHAT YOUR MEDICAL DOCTOR AND/OR CHIROPRACTOR REPORT SHOULD STATE: Each "Injury Evaluation Factor" really should be clearly stated within all any Medical Reports. One example is: That your disability is solely a result of the accident. If there are any pre-existing conditions aggravated from your injuries? What treatments were administered and for duration? What medications were prescribed, in what amounts and for how long? What symptoms or medical problems were such medications meant to ease? Were there any effects demonstrated? Ask to read them before they're delivered to the adjuster so you're likely it explains the type, in addition to the extent and frequency of the anguish that an accident, including yours, will likely cause.

PROGNOSIS: This is the clearly stated information (regarding your personal injury progress) and should include: The part played by a pre-existing condition, if any? Their prediction of any possible future temporary disability/impairments? Does the average person attending you expect deeper or future treatments? LENGTH OF YOUR "TOTAL" DISABILITY: Why? Since it is so important (when it comes time to settle) this can be clearly produced in weeks and days. LENGTH OF YOUR "PARTIAL" DISABILITY: Again (and for the very same reason as above) so really should be clearly produced in weeks and days. (Specific details, regarding both "Partial" and "Total" Disability , as well as the incredible value it provides for you within your claim, are present in CHAPTER SIX: YOUR BODILY INJURY).

(5) MEDICAL PAYMENTS COVERAGE: In case you have this coverage within your motor vehicle policy, it pays off (up to your limits stated) for those medical bills arising from the accident - - in spite of who's at fault! (You must read your policy carefully for the reason that "Who", "Why" and/or "How" of this often differs).

A WORD ABOUT HEALTH INSURANCE PLANS: In most instances, it is feasible to own your medical bills paid yet avoid any repayment by tapping for your health insurance coverage, or some other plan you may have. (Yes, therefore, under certain circumstances, you might be able to collect twice for the very same medical bills)!

(6) WHAT TO DO IF THE ADJUSTER REFUSES TO COOPERATE? These Are Your Usual And Routine Choices: a. Threaten that you will obtain the assistance of a lawyer to represent you. b. Talk about the adjuster's head. c. Resolve your loss in Small Claims Court. d. Contact the best people (working throughout the State Department of Insurance) implementing enough time honored principle of "Good Faith" vs. "Bad Faith ".

DISCLAIMER: A common purpose of this article is to help those see the motor vehicle accident claim process. Dan Baldyga, does not offer security regardless of the sort whatsoever, NOR to replacement for a lawyer, an insurance adjuster, or claims consultant, or like. Where such specialized help is desired it does not take INDIVIDUALS RESPONSIBLY to have such services.

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