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In Washington a bipartisan group in Congress has recommend a strategy meant to cut Americans'auto-insurance rates by $45 billion annually; an average of $243 per driver. The proposal does that, say sponsors on the Auto Choice Reform Act, giving drivers nationwide a choice of doing traditional auto insurance or purchasing a "no-fault" policy.
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"This is a really sensible idea," Senator Joseph Lieberman (Democrat) of Connecticut said during a Senate hearing around the measure last week. "The potential to put savings is enormous." The traditional insurance system allows drivers court action the other person and one another's insurance companies to figure out fault and assess damages for "pain and suffering." Change is required, the bill's sponsors say, much more tort-based system costs consumers excessive, clogs inside the courts, and funnels huge sums of capital clear of victims and into your pockets of trial lawyers.

But no-fault insurance isn't a new idea - and critics declare that in states where it is implemented, motorists can see their premiums rise faster than they would've beneath the tort-based insurance system. "After nearly 25 numerous experimentation with no-fault..., really the only conclusion that can be drawn is this fact grossly unfair technique are a certain failure," says Harvey Rosenfield, architect of California's Proposition 103, a 1988 ballot initiative that rolled back auto-insurance rates and slapped strict controls on insurance companies doing business inside the state.

Niche gives drivers a selection: They could live in their state's traditional program and retain the authority to sue for pain and suffering. Or they can choose a "personal-protection system," in which they trade the authority to sue to acquire prompt reimbursement of economic losses as outlined for their insurance policy - something usually often called no-fault.

A state could adopt the check as its own insurance law or exempt itself on the provisions. State officials may possibly also exempt their states once they get the no-fault program may not reduce rates not less than 30 percent for people who have the personal-protection system. This is the partial preemption of state law that alarms opponents, including some states-rights advocates. While no state could well be compelled to embrace the measure, these opponents worry the check can be only a sluggish start federal meddling in a space traditionally reserved for the states.

But supporters believe no-fault is the best way to control ever-rising car-insurance costs. "The culprits behind the pricey car insurance are very pricey, excessive pain-and-suffering lawsuits as well as the rampant fraud and abuse this too often accompany those suits," says House majority leader Dick Armey of Texas, a bill cosponsor in the cheaper chamber. "Between 1987 and 1994, these forces combined drive an automobile rates up 44 percent - 1-1/2 times the speed of inflation."

All parties cite studies to back their positions. Bill supporters examine a 1995 report because of the California-based Rand Institute for Civil Justice, which shows that searchers suffering fewer than $5,000 in economic losses are often two or three times the amount of their losses under the standard insurance system. However, include those with economic damages of over $100,000 often receive only 9 percent.

But some pot study by Mr. Rosenfield's Proposition 103 Enforcement Project and Public Citizen, a national consumer group founded by Ralph Nader, concludes that no-fault states have the top average car insurance cost - along with premiums are rising 25 percent faster compared with other states.

Financial adviser and author Andrew Tobias, who supports the check, says no-fault will not be fairly tested. Only Michigan has an accurate no-fault system that prevents most drivers from suing for suffering and pain, he says. And just Michigan offers unlimited medical benefits and "significant" wage-loss protection. "If it [proposal] is a horrible choice and save people money, people won't choose it," he says.

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