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What is multi cover insurance? Admiral MultiCover's designed to cover your car, van and home on one discounted policy. You can start with just one car, van or home, and any others you tell us about are added when they're due for renewal – each new addition earns its own discount. It's a standard 12-month policy with the same renewal date.

Admiral’s multi-buy car and home insurance is actually two separate policies. If you make a claim on one product, it won’t affect how much you pay for the other. Still, while a 7.6 % discount on your insurance isn’t to be sniffed at, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Admiral offers the best-value product on the market.

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When it comes to car and home insurance, bundling your insurance — buying your auto and home insurance from the same insurance provider — can save you money. Most insurance providers offer multi-policy discounts for people who want to get multiple types of insurance with the same provider. Based on standard multi car insurance (July 2020) for new customers only, excluding optional extras, Direct Line Plus, and any higher levels of cover above the standard. How it works Tell us about your first car and get your online discount.

Most everyone needs some type of insurance. Home and car insurance go hand-in-hand. If you own your home, you’ll want insurance in case of an unexpected event such as a fire, burglary or extreme weather. And having enough car coverage ensures that your home isn’t exposed in case of a serious accident or a lawsuit. MultiCover does the same thing with your car, van and home insurance. You get all the features of a standard Admiral car, van or home insurance policy, but all rolled into one with a MultiCover discount. You only need to have one home and one car or van to get started.

Most insurers will allow you to cover between two and five vehicles on a multi-car policy and will offer anywhere from 5% to 15% off. The cost of insurance varies based on your age, gender, location, driving history and a host of other factors. If you need multiple insurance products – such as insurance for your home, car (s), and/or motorcycle, you should consider bundling. This means purchasing all your insurance products for yourself and/or all the people living in your household, such as your spouse and children, from one insurance company.

Once you've insured one car with us, every additional car policy is eligible for a discount, as long as all the policyholders live under the same roof. To get the multi-car discount, just start a quote for the second car you wish to insure. When asked if you have an existing car policy with Direct Line, answer yes and enter the required information.

What is a multi-car insurance discount? If you have multiple cars to insure in your household, we’ll reward you with a 15%* discount if you insure them with us. In fact, with our multi-car discount there isn't a limit to the amount of cars you can insure. Multi-product We have exclusive deals for our existing customers. Already have insurance with Direct Line? If so, you can benefit from an exclusive deal if you take out another product with us. Discounts apply to the first year of your policy.

We provide a flexible, multi-cover policies for busy people whose property assets, possessions and lifestyle mean they need insurance tailored to their needs. Technology Our underwriters combine state of the art technology with multiple data sources to allow you to quickly and simply build a flexible insurance package.

Multi car insurance policies are designed for people who have more than one car in the family. Instead of having to keep track of different policies and renewal dates for different cars, a multi car policy bundles all the policies with one insurer so they’re held together separately or combined into a single policy that renews at the same time.

What's multi-car insurance? Multi-car insurance allows you to cover several vehicles under one policy with a single provider. You'll get all the benefits of a standard car insurance policy, but often get a discount for each car you add to the policy. You can also add multi-car breakdown cover that protects all drivers and cars on the policy.

If you're a household with more than one vehicle, you may be thinking about getting MultiCar insurance. We can help with that. Add up to five vehicles, registered at the same address, on one policy and save 10% off our car insurance premiums 1 . We'll even keep your no claim discounts separate for each of your vehicles.

Multi car insurance. Our multi car insurance could save you over 20% For new annual policy customers buying via the same channel: 12.4% would have saved 20% vs. multiple single policies Apr – Jul '20, and cheapest, like-for-like price quoted when all cars added upfront. Insure your first car with us and you can then get a quick quote on other cars at the same address and benefit from our multi car discount. Or call us on 0800 032 4829 and we'll take care of everything for you.